Thursday, September 26, 2013

These moments.

Sometimes you write a post and it completely wipes you out.  You're emotionally spent because you've just released what's been bottled up inside of you for so long.  You've put yourself out there and have begged for everyone to feel sorry for you.

And then you go pick up someone from Kindergarten.  Someone who is so excited to see you that he jumps into your arms despite the epic battles you fought just that morning.  Then that someone turns to his classmates and pats you gently on the hip announcing, "This is my Mommy. I love her so much."

That's all it takes to forget everything.

I guess this is how we survive it.  It's the same idea behind reproduction. 

Some sort of crazy brain erasing goes on when we are least prepared to let something go.  Just when our knuckles are sore from holding on so tightly to those things we say we are desperate to forget about does something happen that erases every bad feeling - every bad moment that was just etched so distinctly in our brains.

This is how we survive it.

These moments refuel our beating hearts.  They get us ready for tomorrow.