Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Pretty Swell Day for Some Valentines

I have to say that I love Valentines Day.  LOVE IT....but more on that later. 
I should also say that I love it even more now that I have two more Valentines to share it with, and to watch get spoiled by all of their Valentines.
 This year we got the boys books for Valentines Day - The Little Engine that Could (really just a replacement copy), a few Eric Carle books, and Daddy's Hugs (since Dustin always feels neglected with all of the Llama Mama books)

This also got a few sweet packages in the mail from their cousins and grandparents - which included loads of candy, lots of Valentines, more books, a microphone to be featured later, all sorts of cars, and lots of love....


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Roman loved his valentine from Miles and Liam...I did too! I agree it's a lot more fun making and receiving valentines with a little one.