Thursday, November 14, 2013


Perhaps you've noticed a noticeable gap in writing.  Perhaps you have way more important things to worry about than blog posts by wanna-be writers.

Perhaps you didn't even notice.

A few weeks ago Dustin's family got some devastating news concerning a new addition that we were so excited to meet.  Basically, it came down to this - After 15 months of him being their son and our cousin/nephew/grandson, Korea decided he couldn't come home.

It's weird how devastating news affects you differently when you become a mother.  When your heart is no longer your own and you have no control over what it loves, you handle tales of other mothers' sadness as though it were your own story.  You can feel the tightness and dread in your chest when you force yourself to think about what just a portion of their sadness might feel like.  When they cry, you cry - not because you are trying to make it your own grief, but because you feel it.

You hug your kids a little tighter and you read Green Eggs and Ham more than just one time a day.  You look deeper into their eyes, and you mourn for them the cousin they were bound to love with every inch of their sweaty limbs.

November is adoption month.  And adoption can have grief too.  It can have deep down in the depths of your gut to the tips of your fingers GRIEF. 

May he know he was loved by many, but may he feel the love of the two that called him their son.