Saturday, June 13, 2009

The house is quiet

For the first time since we've been back from Korea, the house is quiet. Temporarily missing are the sounds of the whirring ball throwing machine playing those songs that inevitably get stuck in your head, in addition to the 'thump–whack, thump–whack" sound of a child crawling on a hardwood floor with a plastic building block and the excited shrieking young voice followed by a loud meowing hiss of a cat in distress. Cooper doesn't have anyone to roll around on his pillow with him (and he certainly misses all of the food handouts...he's looking a bit thin), and I have (or is it get?) to eat my meals in front of a magazine or tv without anything to distract me. It's amazing how the smell of baby lotion can mask the odor of a dog with bad breath—which is a good thing, I suppose—I much prefer the lotion smell.

For the first time since we've been back from Korea, I have gone more than eight hours without seeing Miles. I've been able to go to bed whenever I want, roll out of bed whenever I want (come to find out I rely on him as my alarm clock!), and sit in one place for more than three minutes. However, his absence also means, among many other things, that there's no one to tuck in at night (I've been doing that to myself for years and it's not nearly as exciting), and no one to smile at me first thing in the morning (Tiff certainly does not do this, never has and likely never will). 

Tiff has gone to Indianapolis to visit with her college roommates, and Miles tagged along to make new friends. Although I know it's not true, part of me still wants to believe that this was an evil plot by Tiff to 'allow me time to get things done around the house.' Unfortunately, she comes home today, and the list somehow gotten longer instead of shorter. I'd better cut this short and get to work.

Needless to say, our lives are much more interesting and complete with Miles around!


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Dustin, thank you for sharing Tiff and Miles with us for the weekend. We really appreciate it and I'm so glad we got to meet him!!!